LEC Pixel Adventure
Share TV Commercial
Teilen für eine bessere Welt

Share is a brand with a generous mission. Every time you buy one of their products, you are also going to help a person in need. If you, for example, are buying a bottle of water, Share will help through various organizations to provide drinking water in countries like Cambodia or Liberia. We had a chance to support the Share project promoting this simple but wonderful idea.

We created three TV-commercials, each 20 seconds long, for national TV. For this project we used a classic 2D frame by frame animation technique. There is always something special about this process - to experience drawn sketches come to life.

Starting out with Lena and Hans from the SHARE nut bar we developed the overall style of the characters for the three clips.
Backgrounds & SFX
Watch the Making Of and the remaining two clips below :-)

Client share.eu

Production Steffen Baumgart
Animation Director Thibaut d’Alton
Design & Art Direction Agata Malinowska,Hendrik Woitkowiak
Character Animation Mette Ilene Holmriis
Additional Animations Stephan Wachtberger
Clean Up Artist Anna Šagadin
Musik Jan Weigel, Kai von Glasow
Sounddesign Kai von Glasow
Sprecherin Carolin von der Groeben

Production by 908