OFL #7
Womanizer DUO
Mitte Home
Product Film
This product film is an immersion into the water maker Mitte Home. through thunder, water and rock simulations we are telling a story of how tap water is turned into purified, mineralized still or sparkling water.
Clashing water with minerals was challenging. We tackled the task with some liquid simulations produced in Houdini.
Comin' out of the dark
We created realistic product renderings to make the animated world as convincing as possible.

Client Mittemitte GmbH

Client Production Laura Weger, Lorenzo Perrotta
Production Steffen Baumgart, Mareike Bode, 908
Art Direction Christoph Ott, 908
3D Lead-Artist Christoph Ott, 908
3D Artist Jacktone Okore
Audio Kai von Glasow, 908audio
Voice Over Artist Martin Baden

Production by 908