Share TV Commercial

HYGH is a Berlin-based start-up that aims to change the way of participation in out-of-home advertising. Our 3D-Animation, explains their concept by presenting their idea of futuristic design and technology. Therefore we created a virtual “HYGH control center” that manages various processes represented by holographic UX / UI elements.

Lighting & Rendering
Switch between the Pre-Visualization and the final render and you will see how we lighted and rendered it out.
Holographic Displays
To emphasize the appearance of digital silhouettes, we created animated textures, a combination of radiating transparent and metallic materials.
Individual Advertising
We created a variety of display type animations to visualise the possibility of creating individual content with HYGH.
Individual UI-Design
Since HYGH's UI-design was still in beta, we created a fictional UI-design that reflects the idea of the company through the tonality of the look and feel of the film.

Client HYGH AG

Creative Production HYGH Jo Glenk
Creative Direction Stephan Hartmann, 908
Art Direction Christoph Ott, Daniel Lepik
3D Artist Steffen Machel
Additional Animations Stanislav Yakymenko, 908
Music and Sound Design Kai von Glasow, 908audio

Production by 908