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Ouaga Film Lab #7
Once again we had the pleasure to produce the announcement trailer for the seventh installment of the Ouaga Film Lab. After creating the beginning of our African Spacetraveller Saga for the Ouaga Film Lab #5, we picked up his story right where the last one ended. We see him passing through a stargate, cycling through space and time and making a new friend. Let the saga continue!
We created a full 360° space environment to have the most freedom in choosing the right camera angles.
Drop in and find out
Cloud- and clothsimulations go hand in hand in that shot to emphasize the entrance into a new space.
The journey will hopefully be continued. "One man cannot summon the future. But one man can change the present!" Spok

Client Collectif Génération Creative/ Génération Films
Production Christoph Hartmann, 908
Director & 3D Artist Andreas Riesener
Music & Sound Design Kai von Glasow