OFL #7
SOLUM Newton Link
Product Film

The clip gives an introduction to the flexible functionality of the Newton Link. Various showcases illustrate examples how to easily deploy this new addition to the SOLUM family.

From 2D to 3D
To add an analogue touch to the digital nature of the Newton Link, we chose a handmade style, combining 2D illustrations with 3D animations.
360° of possibilites

Client Solum

Client Production Benjamin Kralj, Andreas Dalström
Client Technical Supervision Steve Jun
Creative Direction & Production Stephan Hartmann & Hendrik Woitkowiak, 908
Art Direction & Designs Hendrik Woitkowiak, 908
2D & 3D Animation, Shading, Rendering, Compositing Stephan Wachtberger, 908
2D Animation Thibaut d’Alton
​​​​​​​Sound Mastering Kai von Glasow​​​​​​​

Production by 908