Do Robots Dream?
Mucho Mucho Amor
Case Study for a room fragrance campaign

We have recently developed something special for your senses, expanding beyond our usual focus on the visual and auditory. This time, we have ventured into the olfactory pathway to capture your attention, and we’ve created a room spray.

With Mucho Mucho Amor, we invite you to diffuse olfactory particles in your surroundings. It can evoke memories and stir emotions you never anticipated experiencing — or perhaps just reminds you of 908 and the amazing work we do. It’s up to your subconscious to decide! If you’re lucky, you might receive a copy of this limited edition in your mailbox.

Mucho Mucho Amor was carefully designed for you by scent artist Mareike Bode who happens to also be one of 908’s creative producers. She ensured that only pure, 100% natural essential oils were used to provide the most authentic experience.
Five main ingredients of finest quality blend together perfectly to achieve an energizing and grounding effect: Green Tangerine with its sweet and refreshing aroma is uplifting. Violet Leaf is known to be a mood enhancer. Vetiver, Juniper Berry and Ho Wood have all grounding effects and are known for their ability to calm the mind and alleviate stress.

Can you smell it already?

The look of scents

At 908 we are used to constantly developing concepts and products from scratch. With Mucho Mucho Amor, we set ourselves a new challenge: to visualize something as intangible as scent using contemporary AI tools like Midjourney, Krea, ComfyUI, and others. Some of us still preferred well-known 3D tools like Cinema4D or Houdini.
Dramatic Morphism

As smell and taste, in truth, are the soul's equivalent of seeing and hearing, we set off to explore shapes, colours and emotions associated with scents. At the end of the process we translated the results into animated experiments to breathe some life and feelings into the soulless computations. What does scent look like? What does it trigger and what can we create with the help of AI-Tools?
Mucho Styles

Based on personal impressions and the aroma spray’s ingredients, we developed several visual ideas. The task was also to reflect the diverse individual visual and musical styles of 908.
Look and Feel

We experimented with different textures to find out what a scent might look and feel. We were led by the idea of provoking our inner synesthete and tried to see shapes while smelling Mucho Mucho Amor.

Scent Artist Mareike Bode, 908
Creative Collaboration Agata Malinowska, Christoph Hartmann, Hendrik Woitkowiak,
Stephan Hartmann, Luis Bustamante, Mareike Bode, Steffen Baumgart,
Thibaut d’Alton, Stephan Wachtberger, Ilia Berg, 908

Production by 908