League of Legends
Event Trailer

At the beginning of 2019 Riot Games recreated the concept and the identity of LEC, the European Championship of League of Legends. We were asked to produce a promo for the finals that had the same tonality of the fresh design, to show the new trophy and to build up the hype for the upcoming event. The representation of the actual team champs with some recognisable major elements of the game was one of the main specifications of Riot.

After a short and intensive pitch, we had two major constraints:
We didn’t know who where the finalists and none but five weeks of proper production time.
Not only the teams in our film had to compete in a race, we had also a real race against time!
Not knowing which team will still be in competition at the end of the playoffs, we had to go trough different iterations of the storyboard to accommodate the different possibilities while the games were still played. So we came up with an animation concept that allowed us to react on the current situation and gave us the freedom to modify the characters accordingly - at the end there can only be one (or three in our case!).
We had great pleasure in producing this summit ascent…

Character Design
The target was to develop a minimalist character design that put emphasis on the silhouette.
Strike a pose
The character had to jump, run, stand around and throw some stuff, of course.
Come in
We also designed a login screen for the participants of the event to get them into the right mood.

Client Riot Games

Producer Riot Games Margot Le Lorier
Creative Director/Producer Stephan Hartmann, 908
Animation Director Thibaut d’Alton, 908
Art Direction Agata Malinowska, 908
Lead 3D-Artist Andreas Riesener
3D Artist Christoph Ott, 908
Character Animation Hendrik Rost
Compositing Christoph Hartmann, 908
3D Modeling Joshua Koilpillai
Rigging Gregor Weiss
RnD Stanislav Yakymenko, 908
Sound Design Kai von Glasow, 908

Production by 908