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Ouaga Film Lab
Trailer Animations

We had the pleasure to create the announcement trailers for the Ouga Film Lab. The OUAGA FILM LAB is a platform for the development and coproduction of film projects, building a network of talent on the African continent as well as globally.

MoCap The Dance
We place great value on keeping up with technological advances, we enjoy trying out new tools and we have fun doing so. To produce the OUAGA 2k18 trailer, we did all that by putting our MoCap Suit into action for the first time.
Fooling Around
We started by putting different characters in motion. After rigging each character, we gained nearly infinite possibilities for playful adaptations.
Research Patterns
African fabrics, art and architectural decorations inspired the hand drawn patterns we used on our cloth animations.
Popping Up
Including those patterns and colors was a deliberate decision and one of our main conceptual ideas, that we wanted to transfer into a pop-cultural context.

Client Ouga Film Lab
Production 908
Direction Thibaut d’Alton, Agata Malinowska, Lefteris Kastrinakis, 908
Sound Kai von Glasow, 908audio & Max Kunckell