Perfect Pixels Matter

Our Services

Creating moving images is more diverse than ever and the possibilities are as endless as they are complex. We make complex seem easy! We offer a wide range of services to match every aspect of your project.

Visual Concept & Design

Our creatives are developing new ideas and know how to add a spark to your existing concepts. In a deadline driven environment we are able to consult and execute your project in the most efficient way.

2D & 3D Animation

Depending on the stylistic demands of your project, the choice whether to produce it in 2D or 3D can be crucial. From motion graphics to character animation, from abstract explanatory to story-based, we deliver the perfect match.


Good storytelling makes or breaks an idea. Whether abstract or narrative, our directors create the best perspective to move your ideas into the spotlight.

Motion Design

Our expertise includes logo animations, abstract atmospherics and generative visuals. Our tools range from industry standards like After Effects to custom data-driven tools like Processing.

Character Design

Characters are a fun and distinct way to give your brand a personable note.
Our illustrators and animators work hand in hand to bring your products characteristics to life and give your project a unique voice.

Visual Effects

Greenscreen, fire, water, day to night – these days visual effects have replaced special effects in many cases and we offer the full range for your project, on-set and in post-production.


A seamless composit is crucial to create the illusion of a coherent visual experience. The best visual effects are those you don’t even notice.


Editing pulls it all together. A successful project is more than the sum of its parts, and our editors know how to translate a simple cut into emotion and turn a collection of clips into a stringent story.


With our DaVinci Resolve System we ensure consistent quality and cohesion of the ‘look’ of a campaign, film or commercial. Available for in-house or on set grading, for finishing and DCPs.

Film Production

Whatever problem you might have, at any given time of your project, our full-service production team will organize it from scratch – from developing your ideas, budgeting alternatives, to execution and final delivery. We like to help!