September 25, 2013

KinectCapture2 / KiCapSDK / KiCapOSC

KiCapSDKis KiCapOSC+1. It’s still offering the same functions as KiCapOSC, but offers a better UI and works with our new Microsoft Kinect SDK based application. As before, this plugin is for Cinema 4D R12/R13 and up, and should work fine on OSX and Windows. The desktop app to send OSC data only works on Windows though, due to driver availability.
Note: There are several versions of the Kinect SDK out there that differ significantly from each other. The latest Microsoft SDK is version 1.0, which is the one that I will use from now on to develop this app (and which is what you require for the latest version). However, I have left the versions for previous SDKs available as well, since there have been changes to the SDK’s EULA as well that may prevent some from using the final release.

KiCapSDK is a complete rewrite of KiCapOSC, but it still requires the pyOSC library ( The version used during the development of KiCapOSC is part of the zipped file, so you should not need to install it again.

KinectCapture2 is a client for Microsofts recently released Kinect SDK beta. As such, you’ll have to install the SDK (and of course .NET, but that’s a requirement for the SDK anyway) first, otherwise the application will just crash.

KinectCapture2c currently offers a limited feature set:
– send Skeleton data via OSC
A fully featured version will be available soon.

KinectCaptureOSC as of now (version 0.6) offered the following features:
– show RGB stream
– show Depth stream and record it as JPG/PNG image sequence
– limit Depth channel range (to improve greyscale mapping on players)
– isolate Player(s) in Depth channel (hide background)
– draw Skeleton overlay
– send Skeleton data via OSC
– modify Skeleton smoothing parameters
– modify vertical viewing angle through Kinect motor

As always, this is a work in progress / proof of concept kind of deal, so excpect the unexpected to happen.

Ideally you should use this program together with our KiCapSDK Cinema4D plugin, but of course you can use it for anything else es well (for example, you could use the Depth channel image sequence with our GreyCloud plugin… hint hint!)

If you’d like to use read the OSC messages with some other application, this is the format we’re using:
One Bundle of six Objects (SIFFFF)
Element “/joint”
0: Joint ID as String
1: Skeleton Number
2: Joint Position X
3: Joint Position Y
4: Joint Position Z
5: FrameNumber

For the final release 1.0 SDK:
The executable (Windows only): Download KinectCapture2c_0.1
(this is a small version of what will be the final release, but it works fine with the 1.0 SDK and sends OSC packaged just like the “bigger” versions.)
The C4D plugin: KiCapSDKv0.4

First install the Microsoft Kinect SDK on a Windows machine.
Unzip KinectCapture on that machine and run it.
Unzip the file into your Cinema4D plugin folder.

Please note that these programs are strictly for non-commercial use, for commercial applications please get in touch with us directly.

Please also be aware that this is a work in progress, so there may be some random errors and the eventual spontaneous combustion. Please let me know of any problems you encounter (or any additional features you think should be there).

And finally, as always, it would be great if you could let us know of any exciting projects you have used this plugin in!