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23 Mar '15

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Generating bubbles

Phew. Only one year since the last post…

Inspired by Moritz Schwind’s CGI Bubbles ( I decided to implement Andrew Glassner’s paper ( as well, only using Python though.

What came out is a Python Generator that generates three … Read More

18 Oct '13

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Cinema 4D: exporting Alembic files starting at frames higher than 300.000

This may not happen often to you, but it just did happen to me, so… Here’s the issue: I had to export a short animation which came from a movie project (from Maya originally, but that doesn’t really matter). The … Read More

16 Oct '13

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C4D208: Python Scripting in Cinema 4D course is being repeated

Since a number of people asked for it: this term (October 2013) fxphd will repeat my “C4D208: Python Scripting in Cinema 4D” course. There are also a number of excellent brand new courses as well that make it more than … Read More

15 Oct '13

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TP Partio 0.16b2 is online

As promised, the new version is now online at aescripts.

What’s new in 0.16b2:

  • Changed Priority to DYNAMICS to fix scaling during read
  • Fixed Global Scale issue where particles moved in space whilst scaling

For further details … Read More

13 Oct '13

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TP Partio 0.16b2 coming soon

There’s – to my shame – a bug in 0.16b1 that will screw up the scaling when reading in particles. It’ll also screw up the Global Scale parameter. Luckily I’ve found the reason for both already and have compiled the … Read More

11 Sep '13

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TP Partio 0.16b1 released

A new beta version of TP Partio has just been released for Cinema 4D R13-R15 OSX/WINRead More