October 13, 2013 Cinema4DPluginsTPPartio

TP Partio 0.16b2 coming soon

There’s – to my shame – a bug in 0.16b1 that will screw up the scaling when reading in particles. It’ll also screw up the Global Scale parameter. Luckily I’ve found the reason for both already and have compiled the Mac version, with the Windows version to follow on Monday. They’ll then go up on aescripts asap.

In Detail:
– the Global Scale bug causes the scaled particles to be correctly scaled up in space, but they’re also translated by the same amount. So, by scaling you’ll screw up the positioning, which is not good.
– a similar scaling related issue was caused by something very different, Cinema’s Priority system. So far TP Partio ran during the Initial phase, which is the first one. This worked fine – until I started taking the TP Partio object’s matrix itself into account. The idea (and it works now!) was to be able to move and rotate the TP Partio object and the particles use that position and rotation as their base, meaning you can freely position your cached particles anywhere. Together with the (now working as well) global scaling, you have full control over scale, position and rotation of your cache. Useful. However, as it turned out, the read particles from cache would appear slightly larger than they were supposed to be. Every time. I went over all the math, and could not find any issue with it. Then I thought, wait a second, if I’m taking the TP Partio object’s matrix into account – maybe that is not properly set up yet during the Initial phase? And, yes, that was it. So, by default, TP Partio now reads particles during the Dynamics phase, which tbh. makes more sense anyway. You can of course still change this by changing the Priority value in the TP Partio object’s settings.

Also coming up soon is a new tutorial video, since the changes in the last version have caused quite some confusion. More here soon.

Edit: 0.16b2 is online.