October 21, 2013 HoudiniParticles

Houdini 12.5: Hidden DOP POP nodes

On October 31st Houdini 13 will be released with loads of new features. Amongst them the final version of the new particle system running inside a Dop network instead of separate Pop networks. These nodes however are already in H12.5, but they are still hidden (like other beta or deprecated nodes, for your own safety…). It’s however very trivial to unhide them and play around – and once you started experimenting with the Pop nodes, you will be glad you did! There’s something very, very nice about having millions of particles, multithreaded and fully scrubbable 🙂

So, how is it done? Easy. Open a Textport and enter the following commands:

The POP Object is already visible. If you want to see what else is hidden, just run “opunhide” without options.

So, now that these new Dop nodes are unhidden, they are available like any other node inside your Dop network. Create a new scene, create a blank Dop Network and set it up like this:


The POP Location is basically the same as the Location node inside a Pop network. Same for the POP Force node. The POP Object is used to store the actually particle data, make sure it is connected to the first input of the POP Integrator, which is the actual pop solver. And that’s it. Dial up the emission parameters in the POP Location node and enjoy large numbers of particles at crazy speeds.

The great thing now is that this setup will immediately work with RBD objects too. Just add a Groundplane and see for yourself. And all while it stays fully scrubbable!

I’m really looking forward to the implementation in H13, but for those stuck at H12.5 for some time, this is the next best thing!