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Womanizer DUO
From 908, with love.

Heimat Active reached out to us to help them create a product film for their client WowTech - a leader in manufacturing sophisticated sextoys. The piece should range from fully animated CG-Shots to real shot footage.
Their newest product: The Womanizer DUO combines vibrations with their patented “Pleasure Air Technology”. The duality of the product was the main feature of the film, therefore we worked closely together with the agency and the client to work out a structure and a look for the film with what they are satisfied with.

As soon as we got the 3D models from the client we started our production. Our scope ranged from the classic tasks of shading, lighting and rendering up to more complex fluid simulations. While Heimat was taking care of shooting the model - we took care of the complete CG-production and postproduction.

A tricky task

Fluid simulations are a tricky task. As soon as you set up your basic 3D-scene, you can play around with hundreds of parameters to model out what you want your simulation to look like. Changing values - simulating - evaluate the result - adjusting values - waiting for the simulation - and again, looking at the outcome. Repeat this process until you are happy with the result.

For this project we had to generate more than “500GB” of VDB and particle data to achieve a photorealistic outcome. The cached VDB data enabled us to place, rotate and scale the simulated assets in 3D space and render them together with the product. One of the biggest challenges was to get the product interact with the simulation and having a satisfying result visually.


Agency heimat active
Editing Steffen Baumgart
3D-Artist Christoph Ott
Compositing Christoph Ott
Color Grading Christian Kröhl
Sounddesign Kai von Glasow, 908audio


Production by 908