Ouaga Film Lab
Siemens Explainers
Creating a visual language for Siemens Explainers

We developed a visual style for Siemens Explainers in cooperation with META Design Berlin. For our visuals, we created a functional yet friendly look that speaks directly to Siemens’ employees, reflecting the clean and technical design language at the core of the Siemens brand.

First Things First
To develop a successful animation, a storyboard is indispensable. Starting from a voiceover narration, we draft a visual storyline. With just a few frames, that storyline needs to illustrate complex concepts and correlations. With great attention to detail and expertise in 2D animation we can convey that message visually.
Automation animated.
Purpose Animated
Corporate Icons can be unattractive and arbitrary. Adding animation makes them come alive, stand out from the crowd and communicate with the audience.
We Rig It All
Even in 2D the characters are animated with a mix of shape layers, the puppet-tool and – of course – great perseverance. If you are wondering: no, we are not afraid of keyframes!

Client Siemens
Art Direction
Hendrik Woitkowiak, 908
Design & Illustration Agata Malinowska,Hendrik Woitkowiak, 908
Animation Artists Chris Ott, Thibaut D’Alton, Daniel Zat, 908
Sounddesign Kai von Glasow, 908audio
Music Jan Weigel