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LEC Pixel Adventure
LEC goes Pixelart

Riot Games asked us to promote the LEC Finals in an oldschool 8bit-Style. We created three adventures to depict the way of the protagonists straight to the finals. SKIIIIIIIIP!

Real Life Action Heroes

The challenge for us was to recreate the real players to an 8bit avatar. We focused on their distinguishing marks so that the fans and viewers recognise them even if they are just a very "simplified" version of them.

Pixel Perfect

The characters were created with Aseprite, a pixel art tool to create animated sprites and graphics. Whatever makes you happy from the 8-bit era can be achieved with that little friend. As each pixel can make a tremendous change to an expression or a body shape, you better be precise!

Rigging the competiton

During the elimination process of the competition, the narrative can switch swiftly from a player to another one. Tools and other automations were developed with after effects to make those changes fast while still retaining the key features of the real person.

World of LEC

We created the stories around some actual locations that are part of the LEC universe. We took great pleasure to pixelate these "famous" places. Obviously the smoothie bar, the stage and the studio were a must!

external-content.duckduckgo Studio

Our protagonists had to stand a lot of fights. They had to fight each other, beasts and technological obstacles. All based on actual events, of course.


Client Riot Games

Producer Riot Games Margot Le Lorier
Producer & Animation Director Thibaut d’Alton, 908
Art Direction Agata Malinowska, Hendrik Woitkowiak, 908
2D Artists Thibaut d’Alton, Stephan Wachtberger, 908
Additional 2D Artist Xaver Böhm

Production by 908