Do Robots Dream ?
An AI-imagined showreel

At 908, we are deeply committed to leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our animation and production processes. We now have access to groundbreaking tools that enable us to push boundaries of traditional storytelling.

Our expertise and enthusiasm for innovation drives us to provide exceptional experiences for our clients. Our approach allows us to combine cutting-edge AI technology with our extensive experience in crafting narratives that are visually outstanding.

With the wide range of AI tools we aim to enhance our creative process without compromising on originality and personal touch.

War of the Worlds

In animation, a fascinating clash unfolds between classic techniques and AI-innovation. Classic animation, with its hand-crafted charm and emotional depth, stands as a testament to artistry. Meanwhile, AI revolutionizes the field with speed and efficiency. Our studio blends the best of both worlds, combining timeless craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create visually stunning and emotionally rich animations.
Prompt to Create

We harness the power of AI to create beautiful images and bring them to life with generative animation technology. Our studio leverages these cutting-edge tools to craft animations that are as imaginative as they are visually breathtaking.
Blending Styles

AI technology can produce not only hyperrealistic images but also stunning illustrations. Our studio combines the timeless beauty of the traditional illustration style with the innovative flair of AI, creating unique and captivating visuals. This fusion of styles allows us to craft animations that are both charmingly nostalgic and modern.
Ateliers Grand Bassam

One of our first fully realised AI showcases following this style is the trailer for the GrandBassam Filmlab. Nestled in the heart of a vibrant artistic community of sub-Saharan Africa Les Ateliers de Grand-Bassam offers workshops, project development and funding for young talent in Africa.

Client 908 Creative Studio
Production by 908