We want to work with you!

We are a nice team of about 20 nerds working in a beautiful loft with a great coffeemaker, a huge fridge and a roof terrace. Our workstations are modern and fully equipped to express your creativity. All that’s missing is you!
Please send your application with samples of you work, a picture of you and a short cv to:

Intern / Praktikant
We are looking for a rookie with good C4D and AE skills for a paid internship. We´re not so much interested in your cv but rather in your creativity and love for motion design. Just show us some of your own work (and not your university’s or tutorials…).
3D Modeling Artist (C4D)
Freelance or permanent position. If Cinema 4D is your main 3D application, perfect. You should be aware of all modeling styles, the various tools available in C4D (like Polypen for example) and proficient in UV mapping.
Designer / Art Director
Freelance or permanent position. Your job will be pitching new projects and create styleframes and concept art for active projects. Knowledge in classical design, corporate design, 2D and 3D design as well as advanced technical skills in PS + AI and at least basic or medium skills in a 3D software like Cinema 4D would be appreciated.
ZBrush Artist
Freelance position. Get in touch if you are a skilled 3D sculptor in ZBrush. Bonus points if you are also proficient in retopologizing and UV mapping!
High-end 2D Animation Artist
Freelance position. Versatile knowledge of classical and modern animation styles, as well as creativity and a reliable feeling for rhythm and design is essential. You´re an After Effects Pro!
High-end 3D Animation Artist
Freelance position. A good knowledge of classical and modern animation styles, as well as creativity and a reliable feeling for rhythm and design is essential. You should feel comfortable to animate complex rigs and using procedural or keyframed animation. Both motion and character animators are welcome!
Creative Compositor
Freelance position. We’re looking for compositing artists with creative skills for our 2D and 3D projects. With an extra emphasis on creative! We are looking for someone to not just composit render passes, but also offer us creative choices! After Effects is our tool of choice.
3D texturing Artist
Freelance position. An artistic eye for detail, both photoreal and cartoonish. Advanced technical knowledge in PS, Bodypaint or similar texturing applications.
Storyboard Artist
Freelance position. Good drawing skills both on paper and digitally, as well as a solid knowledge of cinematography, is what we are looking for.
Creative Coder / Technical Artist
Internship position. You have an interest in new interactive technologies like AR/VR, an affinity for game development (Unity, Unreal Engine or others), creative coding (e.g. OpenFrameworks, Cinder), or coding generally in Python, C#, C++, etc. You are a self starter, willing to spend time learning new things from scratch and build interesting interactive applications (digital and physical), whilst relying on a firm basic (or better) development knowledge. Maybe you are into production pipelines or automation. Get in touch with us if this sounds like an interesting job to you.